Lensless coherent diffraction imaging based on spatial light modulator with unknown modulation curve


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Lensless imaging is a popular research field for the advantages of small size, wide field-of-view and low aberration in recent years. However, some traditional lensless imaging methods suffer from slow convergence, mechanical errors and conjugate solution interference, which limit its further application and development. In this work, we proposed a lensless imaging method based on spatial light modulator (SLM) with unknown modulation curve. In our imaging system, we use SLM to modulate the wavefront of object, and introduce the ptychographic scanning algorithm that is able to recover the complex amplitude information even the SLM modulation curve is inaccurate or unknown. In addition, we also design a split-beam interference experiment to calibrate the modulation curve of SLM, and using the calibrated modulation function as the initial value of the expended ptychography iterative engine (ePIE) algorithm can improve the convergence speed. We further analyze the effect of modulation function, algorithm parameters and the characteristics of the coherent light source on the quality of reconstructed image. The simulated and real experiments show that the proposed method is superior to traditional mechanical scanning methods in terms of recovering speed and accuracy, with the recovering resolution up to 14 um.
lensless coherent diffraction imaging,spatial light modulator
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