Adaptive Surface Normal Constraint for Depth Estimation.

Xiaoxiao Long,Cheng Lin,Lingjie Liu,Wei Li大牛学者,Christian Theobalt大牛学者,Ruigang Yang大牛学者,Wenping Wang大牛学者


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We present a novel method for single image depth estimation using surface normal constraints. Existing depth estimation methods either suffer from the lack of geometric constraints, or are limited to the difficulty of reliably capturing geometric context, which leads to a bottleneck of depth estimation quality. We therefore introduce a simple yet effective method, named Adaptive Surface Normal (ASN) constraint, to effectively correlate the depth estimation with geometric consistency. Our key idea is to adaptively determine the reliable local geometry from a set of randomly sampled candidates to derive surface normal constraint, for which we measure the consistency of the geometric contextual features. As a result, our method can faithfully reconstruct the 3D geometry and is robust to local shape variations, such as boundaries, sharp corners and noises. We conduct extensive evaluations and comparisons using public datasets. The experimental results demonstrate our method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods and has superior efficiency and robustness. Codes are available at:
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