Microwave heating control system using genetic algorithm-based PID controller

E Apriaskar,D Prastiyanto, M A Malik, A E Ramadhan,R Destanto, H Abdullah@Idris,M K Osman

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science(2022)

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Abstract The superiorities of microwave heating technology have attracted many researchers for further development. Designing a satisfying temperature control system for the microwave system is one of them. To confirm that the controller can work with good system performance, the adjustment of controller parameters is important. Most previous research about microwave control systems did not focus on the tuning problem which is presented in this work. This paper provides the use of a genetic algorithm to adjust the best parameters for a PID controller. A microwave heating system with a single microwave power input and a single output temperature probe which is identified using the ARX model is examined. Evaluation of the proposed controller was conducted in the simulation environment using MATLAB. The result shows that the genetic algorithm can obtain the most optimized parameter for PID controller which can follow a certain heating pattern. The parameters for Kp, Ki, and Kd are 998.94, 79.42, and 79.78, respectively. It can minimize the value of integral absolute error for the given setpoint to 446.11.
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