Blockchain-Based Distributed Reputation for a Cap-and-Trade Carbon Emission System

2021 IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI)(2021)

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Reputation has been widely used in the energy field in recent years. However, their reputation mechanisms are usually centralized even if they are designed for distributed energy systems, which could cause vulnerability to single point failures. This paper explores the design of blockchain-based distributed reputation for a cap-and-trade carbon emission system. The blockchain technology is adopted to achieve distributed management of reputation scores and realize a peer-to-peer carbon trading market. Simulation experiments are carried out to demonstrate the influence of the proposed reputation rules on reputation scores. In addition, a case study shows how reputation affects the results of carbon trading. As far as we know, this paper is one of the few works that incorporate distributed reputation in a carbon emission system.
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Key words
carbon emission trading,distributed reputation,blockchain,cap-and-trade,energy internet
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