Dynamic Analysis on Suspended Monorail Vehicles Passing through Turnouts

IOP conference series(2018)

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Turnouts is a key line equipment for suspended monorail transit. In order to analyze the dynamic performance of vehicles passing turnouts, a dynamic model of the multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) suspended monorail transit system is established according to the multi-body dynamics theory by taking turnout #5 as an example. The effect of track irregularity on the dynamic performance of Shanghai sky train transformation (SSTT) bogie vehicle passing the turnout is analyzed; a contrast analysis on the dynamic performances of SSTT vehicle and Prose associated bogie vehicles passing the turnout is made. The research findings show that: the deformation of bridges and subsidence of piers can affect the dynamic performance of the vehicles passing the turnout greatly. When an SSTT bogie vehicle is passing the turnout in side move, the maximum guidance force difference of the guide wheels will reach up to 171%; when a Prose associated bogie vehicle is passing the suspended sky train turnout in side / trailing move, the dynamic performance of which can be better than that of the SSTT bogie vehicle and the operation can be more stable.
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Key words
monorail vehicles,turnouts,dynamic analysis
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