Resonant Gate Driver for High Speed GaN HMET with dV/dt Control

2021 IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Technologies and Applications (ICTA)(2021)

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With the increase of switching frequency, high power density converters require extremely urgent requirements for low power loss, high ring suppression and EMI optimization for the drivers. This work proposes a novel resonant gate driver designed for high frequency E-mode GaN HEMT power devices that can flexibly online configure the power device's turn-on and turn-off dV/dt. DV/dt can change by more than 6 times with the help of bias of auxiliary transistors, respectively. The calculated data is provided to optimize the efficiency and EMI noise. Meanwhile the topology can reduce the sensitivity of gate parasitic inductance to avoid incorrect operation. These operations of the proposed resonant gate driver are verified by utilizing 100V GaN HEMT.
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Key words
resonant gate driver,dV/dt control,GaN HMET
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