Leveraging DAOS file system for seismic data storage

M. Moawad, A. Nasr, O. Marzouk, K. Elamrawi,Philippe Thierry, J. Lombardi, M. Chaarawi

ieee international conference on high performance computing data and analytics(2021)

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Summary DAOS-SEIS mapping layer is introduced to the seismic community, utilizing the evolving DAOS technology, to solve some of the seismic IO bottlenecks caused by the SEGY data format through leveraging the graph theory in addition to the DAOS object-based storage to design and implement a new seismic data format natively on top of the DAOS storage model in order to accelerate data access, provide in-storage compute capabilities to process data in place and to get rid of the serial seg-y file constraints. The DAOS-SEIS API is built on top of the DAOS file system(dfs) and seismic data is accessed and manipulated using the DAOS-SEIS API after accessing the root seismic dfs object. The mapping layer is perfectly utilizing the graph theory and the object storage to split the acquisition geometry represented by the traces headers away from the time-series data samples
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