Usability evaluation of assignment and monitoring information learning system of internship students based on SMS Gateway with Raspberry Pi

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science(2021)

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Abstract There are obstacles in the delivery of information during pre-engineering activities at the Vocational High School. There needs to be a system that makes it easy to deliver information from schools to students who carry out internship. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of the evaluation of the usefulness of the task information learning system and the monitoring of student labor based on the SMS gateway with raspberry pi. The instrument used in usability testing is the Computer Usability Satisfaction Questionnaires: Psychometric Evaluation and Instructions for Use questionnaire developed by IBM for software usability measurement standards. The instrument for testing usability aspects with the Computer System Usability Questionnaires (CSUQ) questionnaire developed by IBM uses a Likert scale as a measurement scale. The data for the trial were 20 respondents consisting of adaptive normative subject teachers, internal engineering committee and smartschool developers. Based on the results of testing the quality of software developed on the usability aspect has a percentage of 85% or has a high quality scale and based on alpha cronbach calculations has a calculation result of 0.851 or has a “good” category. The SMS Gateway system with Raspberry Pi for Internship Assignment and Monitoring meets the usability aspect and is suitable for use.
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sms gateway,internship students,monitoring,raspberry pi
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