Distributed Multi-Factor Electricity Transaction Match Mechanism based on Blockchain

2020 IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI)(2020)

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With the rapid development of the power generation technology of distributed renewable energy, great quantities of prosumers emerged and joined to regional energy internets (REIs), which could lead to challenges to conventional energy transaction match mechanisms. At the present stage, traditional mechanisms such as double auction are mostly adopted in the process of electricity transaction match, which may lead problems with practical utilization such as the match of clean energy is relatively difficult and the waste of electricity transmission is hard to be indicated, etc. In addition, the conventional centralized match platform could face challenges considering the widely deployment of building and even house level prosumers among regions, as well as the instantaneous variable characteristic of clean energy generation such as photovoltaic and wind. Aiming at the challenges above, a blockchain-based multi-factor electricity transaction match mechanism is proposed in this paper. The suitability of multiple factors such as electricity price, transaction volume, transmission distance, and energy type are calculated and compared based on the calculation formula of dissimilarity degree in the K-prototypes clustering. The most suitable seller and purchaser demands are matched. Moreover, corresponding automatic match, signing match records by private key and settlement of the transactions were designed based on smart contract. The experimental results illustrated that compared with conventional solutions, by adopting the proposed mechanism, the supply proportion of clean energy in the entire REI increased to 80.40%; the actual unit price gap between clean energy and nonclean energy decreased by 63.00%; the total electricity sale volume in the entire REI increased by 83.37%.
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blockchain,multi-factor,distributed electricity transaction match,regional energy internet
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