A Blockchain-based Distributed Controllable Electricity Transaction Match System

2020 IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI)(2020)

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A large number of individual power prosumers are emerging and participating in the regional energy internet (REI) with the rapid development of the power generation technology of distributed renewable energy. The increasing scale of the REI may bring challenges to the traditional centralized electricity trading and match platform in the REI. However, existing researches and realizations on blockchain based distributed electricity transaction platform adopts traditional mechanisms such as double auctions more, which may cause challenges in actual applications such as the match of clean energy is relatively difficult, the waste of electricity transmission is hard to be calculated, and the electricity seller cannot select the purchaser, etc. In this paper, a blockchain-based distributed controllable electricity transaction match system is designed and implemented to propose a feasible system to overcome the existing challenges. The automatic match of single transactions on the blockchain is implemented based on smart contract technology in the system, which avoids the interference of the number of transactions and the matching cycle on the matching speed of single transaction in the matching process. Experimental results indicated that compared with traditional solutions, the supply ratio of clean energy in the entire REI increased from 4.69% to 78.15% by adopting the proposed system, and the electricity transmission loss in the entire REI is reduced by 1.08%.
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Key words
blockchain,distributed electricity transaction match,regional energy internet
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