Robust, Private and Secure Cache-Aided Scalar Linear Function Retrieval From Coded Servers


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This work investigates a system where each user aims to retrieve a scalar linear function of the files of a library, which are Maximum Distance Separable coded and stored at multiple distributed servers. The system needs to guarantee robust decoding in the sense that each user must decode its demanded function with signals received from any subset of servers whose cardinality exceeds a threshold. In addition, (a) the content of the library must be kept secure from a wiretapper who obtains all the signals from the servers; (b) any subset of users together can not obtain any information about the demands of the remaining users; and (c) the users' demands must be kept private against all the servers even if they collude. Achievable schemes are derived by modifying existing Placement Delivery Array (PDA) constructions, originally proposed for single-server single-file retrieval coded caching systems without any privacy or security or robustness constraints. It is shown that the PDAs describing the original Maddah-Ali and Niesen's coded caching scheme result in a load-memory tradeoff that is optimal to within a constant multiplicative gap, except for the small memory regime when the number of file is smaller than the number of users. As by-products, improved order optimality results are derived for three less restrictive systems in all parameter regimes.
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Servers,Privacy,Security,Handheld computers,Codes,Libraries,Robustness,Coded caching,distributed storage,maximum distance separable code,placement delivery array,privacy,robust decoding,scalar linear function retrieval,security
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