Highly Reversible and Anticorrosive Zn Anode Enabled by a Ag Nanowires Layer


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With the fast development of large-scale energy storage, aqueous Zn-based rechargeable batteries have attracted more and more attention because of their high-level safety, low cost, and environmental friendliness. The Zn metal anode is fascinating for aqueous Zn-based rechargeable batteries due to its high volume-specific capacity (5855 mA h cm(-3)), low negative potential (-0.762 V vs standard hydrogen electrode), and abundant resources. However, the practical application of the Zn metal anode is hindered by the challenge of serious dendrite growth. To address this, herein, we report a highly reversible and anticorrosive Zn anode enabled by a Ag nanowires (AgNWs) layer. By effectively lowering the nucleation overpotential and providing a high specific surface area to construct abundant sites inducing Zn uniform deposition, the designed Zn-AgNWs anode could ensure dendrite-free deposition to improve the reversibility (600 h at 2 mA h cm(-2)). During cycling, Zn deposition on the AgNWs surface drives the in situ formation of the AgZn3 alloy to constitute a natural protective layer, which can prevent the direct corrosion reaction between Zn and the electrolyte. Thus, the Zn-AgNWs vertical bar MnO2 full cell exhibits excellent electrochemical performance with large specific capacity and outstanding rate capabil(i)ty and retains a high capacity retention at 0.6 A g(-1) even after 800 cycles.
aqueous rechargeable batteries, Zn metal anode, AgNWs layer, AgZn3 alloy, interface modification
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