Pesticide dose adjustment in fruit and grapevine orchards by DOSA3D: Fundamentals of the system and on-farm validation

Carla Roman, Miquel Peris, Joan Esteve, Miguel Tejerina, Jordi Cambray,Pere Vilardell,Santiago Planas


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Agricultural productivity cannot be sustained without the application of plant protection measures. Within the framework of integrated pest management (IPM), the use of chemical pesticides should be limited to the last option among the available practices. Even though their use remains common, it carries associated environmental and human health risks. One of the most accepted practices within IPM is the reduction of spraying events and/or pesticide applied doses. DOSA3D is a decision support system that allows the dose to be adjusted to the specific treatment scenario. For this, DOSA3D calculates the optimal application volume rate by estimating the leaf area index and takes into account the overall spraying efficiency and the pest or disease to be controlled. The system adopts specific minimum volume rates for fruit trees and vineyards without compromising the crop health status. To establish the adjusted dose, the labeled or the adviser prescription concentration is kept. Resulting adjusted doses provided by DOSA3D achieved pesticide savings up to 53% in fruit trees and 60% in vineyards. DOSA3D has been validated against the main diseases and pests of fruit trees and vineyards: brown spot and psylla in pear orchards; alternaria blotch disease, apple scab, codling moth, oriental moth and red spider mite in apple orchards; powdery mildew, brown rot, aphids, thrips and mites in peach orchards; and, powdery mildew, yellow spider mite and leafhoppers in grapevine orchards. In addition, a methodology called Green Way is presented to provide consistent and crop safety pesticide doses when these are labeled as concentration or ground area doses.
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Key words
Sustainable crop protection,Leaf area index,Volume rate,Dose adjustment,IPM,Pesticide reduction
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