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Robotic grasping has become increasingly important in many application areas such as industrial manufacturing and logistics. Because of the diversity and uncertainty of objects and environments, common grippers with one single grasping mode face difficulties to fulfill all the tasks. Hence, we proposed a soft gripper with multiple grasping modes in this study. The gripper consists of four modular soft fingers integrated with layer jamming structure and tendon-driven mechanism. Each finger’s rotating shaft of the base uses a torsional spring to decouple the bending deformation and relative rotation. An octopus-mimicking vacuum sucker is installed in the fingertip to generate suction. The effectiveness of the bending deformation and variable stiffness of the design were proved by finite element simulation. Thus, the control model of the finger was built, and the control strategy of multimode grasping of the gripper was proposed. Three control modes were designed to realize the four anthropomorphic grasping modes, including wrap, pinch, hook, and suck. Furthermore, the grasping performance was evaluated to show the abilities. The experiments indicated the superior performance of the proposed gripper and the multimode grasping ability that satisfies various grasping tasks. AU4 c
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