Veteran Employment Outcomes


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The challenges faced by military veterans transitioning into the civilian labor force are a subject of ongoing concern to policymakers. The Census Bureau’s Veteran Employment Outcomes (VEO) are experimental statistics on Army veterans’ labor market outcomes one, five, and 10 years after discharge, by military occupation, rank, demographics (age, sex, race, ethnicity, education), industry and geography of employment. These statistics are generated by linking veteran records provided by the U.S. Army to national administrative data on jobs at the U.S. Census Bureau. Coverage of the data is all enlisted soldiers in the Army who completed their initial term of service and were discharged between 2000 and 2015 (about 650,000 veterans). Although VEO currently cover only Army veterans, these statistics could potentially be expanded to other service branches. These new data highlight the broad distribution of labor market outcomes for recent Army veterans, highlighting the role of industry and military occupation in post-military earnings outcomes. Some key findings from these new statistics include the following:
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