Correlations of conserved charges and QCD phase structure * * Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11775041)

Rui 睿 Wen 温, Wei-jie 伟杰 Fu 付

Chinese Physics C(2021)

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Correlations of conserved charges, i.e., the baryon number, electric charge, and strangeness, are calculated at finite temperature and chemical potentials up to the fourth order. The calculations are done in a 2+1 flavor low energy effective theory, in which the quantum and thermal fluctuations are encoded through the evolution of flow equations within the functional renormalization group approach. Strangeness neutrality and a fixed ratio of the electric charge to the baryon number density are implemented throughout the computation. We find that higher-order correlations incorporate more sensitive critical dynamics than the quadratic ones. In addition, a non-monotonic dependence of the fourth-order correlations between the baryon number and strangeness, i.e., and , on the collision energy is also observed.
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