Cloud Computing-Based Medical Health Monitoring Iot System Design


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With the continuous improvement of the national medical system, health monitoring combined with cloud computing and Internet of Things has become a concern. This study mainly discusses the design of the medical health monitoring IoT system based on cloud computing. From the user to the health service provider, there are three devices: sensor terminal, gateway terminal, and service platform. The sensor terminal is used to measure physiological indicators, such as blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and other physiological indicators; the gateway terminal is used to link the sensor terminal to receive physiological indicators and forward them to the business platform; the gateway is also used to receive health information and other instructions issued by the server. In the community service mode, users can be divided into groups according to the community and region, and the corresponding service doctors and agent customer service personnel (nurses) can be assigned. Users can collect personal physiological indicators at home or outside through the medical terminal. These indicators and information are transmitted to the background health platform system through the mobile GSM-TD communication network. Users can also view their own historical health records and opinions of health consultants through the web/WAP website. Through the integration ability of the health cloud platform, relying on the interconnection with HIS, LIS, and other information systems of professional medical institutions, we jointly operate special value-added services, such as appointment registration, maternal and child healthcare, and medical communication (doctor-patient interaction), so that users can enjoy the remote service and guidance of professional medical institutions by subscribing to health value-added services. The CPU utilization rate is 40%, the internal utilization rate is 7.44 G, the memory utilization rate is 11.8%, and the network bandwidth is 591.87 M. During the whole test process, the indicators are stable, and there are no restart, crash, and other phenomena, so the system performance meets the design requirements.
IoT,Wireless Monitoring,IoT Security,Water Quality Monitoring
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