Hiding Multiple Secret Information Using Dynamic Image Bit Manipulation


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In the New Paradigm of Industry 4.0, the main concern of high flow information transmission is security disruption. The transmission process should secure the information transmitted. Especially for secret information found out by nobody. One of the methods used to improved information security is the information hiding process. The hiding technique often applied is Steganography. In this technique, a multimedia data format such as the digital image embeds information. The problem occurs when the secret information is a digital image. Stored an image into another image will cause data distortion and the information will be damaged. These problems can be solved by improving the steganography method for digital images. Improvement of the steganography method in this study uses a bit manipulation technique on the Least Significant Bit (LSB) method. The secret information represented by the digital image will be hidden in a container image. The hiding technique method worked by manipulating the intensity value of the image in the sequence of binary bit format, so the container image intensity value can be used to hide many digital images. The result of this research is a steganography technique allowed to store three images in one image container at one time. The results of the improvement method can protect the intensity values of the container image from some failure. The results of this study also show that data integrity is maintained even though the value of image intensity changed by the bits of hidden images.
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