Study On Energy Type Laser Active Interference Pulsed Laser Fuze


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As a method of active laser interference, energy laser interference can be used to interfere with laser fuzes. This paper studies how the energy-type laser interference the pulsed laser fuze. By simulating the transmission characteristics of the fundamental mode Gaussian beam in free space, the energy transmission model of the fundamental mode Gaussian beam is established. The thermal conductivity theory is used to calculate the thermal effect of the fundamental mode Gaussian beam irradiating the photosensitive surface of the Si PIN photodetector, and the related physical processes are discussed. The results show that a monopulse laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm, pulse width of 10 ns, and peak power of 11.5 MW can generate a temperature of about 1800 K in the center of the silicon photosensitive surface,which can cause irreversible damage to the photodetector, and the detection performance of the photodetector is sharply weaked or even unfunctioned. This result provides theoretical basis for the further development of the jammer.
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Pulsed laser fuze, Si PIN photodetector, Gaussian beam, Thermal effect
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