A Comparison Of The Collagen Triple Helix Andcoiled-Coilpeptide Building Blocks On Metalion-Mediatedsupramolecular Assembly


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Metal ion-mediated assembly of peptides is an intriguing method for developing novel biomaterials. In particular, peptide building blocks based on collagen triple helical and coiled-coil peptides have been functionalized with metal-binding ligands and assemble into hierarchical structures with diverse potential applications. This review outlines the use of metal-mediated assembly with these supramolecular structures and highlights how changes in the building blocks lead to significant differences in structural morphologies, with the identity of the metal-binding ligands and their placement on the building block as crucial aspects in the bottom-up development of the assemblies.
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Key words
assembly, coiled coil, collagen mimetic peptide, metal promoted
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