Using AI to Promote Equitable Classroom Discussions: The TalkMoves Application.

AIED (2)(2021)

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Inclusion in mathematics education is strongly tied to discourse rich classrooms, where students ideas play a central role. Talk moves are specific discursive practices that promote inclusive and equitable participation in classroom discussions. This paper describes the development of the TalkMoves application, which provides teachers with detailed feedback on their usage of talk moves based on accountable talk theory. Building on our recent work to automate the classification of teacher talk moves, we have expanded the application to also include feedback on a set of student talk moves. We present results from several deep learning models trained to classify student sentences into student talk moves with performance up to 73% F1. The classroom data used for training these models were collected from multiple sources that were pre-processed and annotated by highly reliable experts. We validated the performance of the model on an out-of-sample dataset which included 166 classroom transcripts collected from teachers piloting the application.
Accountable talk,Deep learning,BERT,Equity-focused instruction,AI application,Mathematics,Teacher learning,Classroom discourse
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