Non-equilibrium Photoionization and Hydrodynamic Simulations of Starburst-driven Outflows

A. Danehkar, M. S. Oey, W. J. Gray


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Starburst-driven galactic outflows in star-forming galaxies have been observed to contain complex thermal structures and emission line features that are difficult to explain by adiabatic fluid models and plasmas in photoionization equilibrium (PIE) and collisional ionization equilibrium (CIE). We previously performed hydrodynamic simulations of starburst-driven outflows using the MAIHEM module for non-equilibrium atomic chemistry and radiative cooling functions in the hydrodynamics code FLASH, and calculated emission lines in combined CIE and PIE conditions. In the present study, we consider time-dependent non-equilibrium ionization (NEI) states produced by our MAIHEM simulations. Through extensive CLOUDY calculations made with the NEI states from our hydrodynamic simulations, we predict the UV and optical emission line profiles for starburst-driven outflows in time-evolving non-equilibrium photoionization conditions. Our hydrodynamic results demonstrate applications of non-equilibrium radiative cooling for H II regions in starburst galaxies hosting cool outflows.
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