CobotAR - Interaction with Robots using Omnidirectionally Projected Image and DNN-based Gesture Recognition.


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Several technological solutions supported the creation of interfaces for Augmented Reality (AR) multi-user collaboration in the last years. However, these technologies require the use of wearable devices. We present CobotAR - a new AR technology to achieve the Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) by gesture recognition based on Deep Neural Network (DNN) - without an extra wearable device for the user. The system allows users to have a more intuitive experience with robotic applications using just their hands. The CobotAR system assumes the AR spatial display created by a mobile projector mounted on a 6 DoF robot. The proposed technology suggests a novel way of interaction with machines to achieve safe, intuitive, and immersive control mediated by a robotic projection system and DNN-based algorithm. We conducted the experiment with several parameters assessment during this research, which allows the users to define the positives and negatives of the new approach. The mental demand of CobotAR system is twice less than Wireless Gamepad and by 16\% less than Teach Pendant.
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