Inferring substitutable and complementary products with Knowledge-Aware Path Reasoning based on dynamic policy network

Knowledge-Based Systems(2022)

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Inferring the substitutable and complementary products for a given product is an essential and fundamental concern for the recommender system. To achieve this, existing approaches take advantage of the knowledge graphs to learn more evidences for inference, whereas they often suffer from invalid reasoning for lack of elegant decision making strategies. Therefore, we propose a novel Knowledge-Aware Path Reasoning (KAPR) model which leverages the dynamic policy network to make explicit reasoning over knowledge graphs, for inferring the substitutable and complementary relationships. Our contributions can be highlighted as three aspects. Firstly, we model this inference scenario as a Markov Decision Process in order to accomplish a knowledge-aware path reasoning over knowledge graphs. Secondly, we integrate both structured and unstructured knowledge to provide adequate evidences for making accurate decision-making. Thirdly, we evaluate our model on a series of real-world datasets, achieving competitive performance compared with state-of-the-art approaches. Our code is released on
Recommender system,Knowledge graph
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