LivDet 2021 Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition - Into the unknown

2021 IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB)(2021)

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The International Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition is an international biennial competition open to academia and industry with the aim to assess and report advances in Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection. The proposed "Liveness Detection in Action" and "Fingerprint representation" challenges were aimed to evaluate the impact of a PAD embedded into a verification system, and the effectiveness and compactness of feature sets for mobile applications. Furthermore, we experimented a new spoof fabrication method that has particularly affected the final results. Twenty-three algorithms were submitted to the competition, the maximum number ever achieved by LivDet.
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Key words
international biennial competition,fingerprint presentation attack detection,LivDet 2021 fingerprint liveness detection competition,fingerprint representation,mobile application,verification system
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