Science4Fashion - An Autonomous Recommendation System for Fashion Designers.


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In the clothing industry, design, development, and procurement teams have been affected more than any other industry and are constantly under pressure to present more products with fewer resources in a shorter time. The diversity of garment designs created as new products is not found in any other industry and is almost independent of the size of the business. Science4Fashion is a semi-autonomous intelligent personal assistant for fashion product designers. Our system consists of an interactive environment where a user utilizes different modules responsible for a) data collection from online sources, b) knowledge extraction, c) clustering, and d) trend/product recommendation. This paper is focusing on two core modules of the implemented system. The Clustering Module combines various clustering algorithms and offers a consensus that arranges data in clusters. At the same time, the Product Recommender and Feedback module receives the designer’s input on different fashion products and recommends more relevant items based on their preferences. The experimental results highlight the usefulness and the efficiency of the proposed subsystems in aiding the creative fashion process.
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Fashion data,Mixed data,Consensus clustering,Recommendation system,Collaborative filtering
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