Multilingual Entity Linking System for Wikipedia with a Machine-in-the-Loop Approach

Martin Gerlach, Marshall Miller, Rita Ho,Kosta Harlan,Djellel Difallah

Conference on Information and Knowledge Management(2021)

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ABSTRACTHyperlinks constitute the backbone of the Web; they enable user navigation, information discovery, content ranking, and many other crucial services on the Internet. In particular, hyperlinks found within Wikipedia allow the readers to navigate from one page to another to expand their knowledge on a given subject of interest or to discover a new one. However, despite Wikipedia editors' efforts to add and maintain its content, the distribution of links remains sparse in many language editions. This paper introduces a machine-in-the-loop entity linking system that can comply with community guidelines for adding a link and aims at increasing link coverage in new pages and wiki-projects with low resources. To tackle these challenges, we build a context- and language-agnostic entity linking model that combines data collected from millions of anchors found across wiki-projects, as well as billions of users' reading sessions. We develop an interactive recommendation interface that proposes candidate links to editors who can confirm, reject, or adapt the recommendation with the overall aim of providing a more accessible editing experience for newcomers through structured tasks. Our system's design choices were made in collaboration with members of several language communities. When the system is implemented as part of Wikipedia, its usage by volunteer editors will help us build a continuous evaluation dataset with active feedback. Our experimental results show that our link recommender can achieve a precision of 74-90% while ensuring a recall of 30-66% across 6 languages covering different sizes, continents, and families.
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Key words
multilingual entity linking system,wikipedia,machine-in-the-loop
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