Investigating Math Word Problems using Pretrained Multilingual Language Models


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In this paper, we revisit math word problems~(MWPs) from the cross-lingual and multilingual perspective. We construct our MWP solvers over pretrained multilingual language models using sequence-to-sequence model with copy mechanism. We compare how the MWP solvers perform in cross-lingual and multilingual scenarios. To facilitate the comparison of cross-lingual performance, we first adapt the large-scale English dataset MathQA as a counterpart of the Chinese dataset Math23K. Then we extend several English datasets to bilingual datasets through machine translation plus human annotation. Our experiments show that the MWP solvers may not be transferred to a different language even if the target expressions have the same operator set and constants. But for both cross-lingual and multilingual cases, it can be better generalized if problem types exist on both source language and target language.
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