A 3D Bandpass Frequency Selective Structure Utilizing Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons for Millimeter-Wave Applications

2020 International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT)(2020)

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The innovative concept of three dimensions (3D) frequency selective surface (FSS) gains a lot of concentration in the recent years. And the research band has been explored to millimeter-wave (mmW) to terahertz (THz). A novel 3D bandpass FSS is proposed. In this design, the TE10 mode of the incident EM wave could be transformed to the surface mode of the SSPP and transmitted in the rectangular waveguide, and then be transformed to the TE10 mode of the outgoing wave. By combining the cutoff frequency of the waveguide and the asymptotic frequency of the SSPP, a flat in-band response mmW FSS with tunable bandwidth is constructed. Simulated results show that the transmission loss in the band of 60GHz to 70GHz is tiny, providing a wide passband for the mmW applications, which could be manipulated by tuning the height of the SSPP. Considering that the magnitude of the pattern width is millimeter, the 3D printing technology could be applied instead of the expensive microfabrication. The proposed FSS has wide application prospect in radar cross section (RCS) reduction, filtering transmitarray and satellite communications.
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three dimensions frequency selective surface,bandpass,surface plasmon polaritons,millimeter-wave
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