An Autonomic Decision Tree-Based And Deadline-Constraint Resource Provisioning In Cloud Applications


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Cloud computing provides a set of resources and services for customers on the Internet on demand and based on a pay as you go model. Cloud providers are looking to decrease costs and increase profits. Therefore, resource management and provisioning are very important for cloud providers. Automated scaling can be used to provide resources for user requests. Auto-scaling can decrease the total operational costs for providers, although it does have its own cost and time overheads. In this paper, a new solution is presented for resource provisioning on multi-layered cloud applications based on MAPE-K loop. A weighted ensemble prediction model is proposed to estimate the resources utilization in each cloud layer. In addition, accuracy of the model and a regularization technique are used to regulate the weights of the models in the proposed hybrid prediction model. Furthermore, a decision tree-based algorithm is presented to analyze status of the resources to make scaling decision. In addition, we propose a resource allocation algorithm that is based on Virtual Machine priority and request deadline in order to allocate requests on suitable resources. The experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm has the best performance among its counterparts.
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Key words
auto-scaling, decision tree, ensemble prediction model, MAPE-k loop, resource provisioning
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