Character recognition method and related equipment


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The embodiment of the invention discloses a character recognition method and related equipment. The method can be applied to the field of character recognition of artificial intelligence. The method comprises that: a to-be-processed image is acquired, a first control point parameter corresponding to the to-be-processed image is generated, a target curve is generated according to the first controlpoint parameter, the target curve is used for indicating a target area in the to-be-processed image, and the target area is a character area in the to-be-processed image; character recognition is performed on the target area to obtain a recognition result, and the curve is arc-shaped, so that characters in any shape can be encircled in a relatively fitting manner to realize recognition operation on the characters in any shape; character recognition is carried out according to the curve, so that the character recognition process better fits the character trend, and the precision of the character recognition process is improved; and the character area needing to be recognized is directly obtained according to the curve, the processing process of the polygon boundary of the character area isomitted, and the efficiency of the character recognition process is improved.
Polygon,Pattern recognition,Control point,Computer science,Artificial intelligence,Character recognition
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