Programmable Dictionary Code Compression for Instruction Stream Energy Efficiency

2020 IEEE 38th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)(2020)

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We propose a novel instruction compression scheme based on fine-grained programmable dictionaries. In its core is a compile-time region-based control flow analysis to selectively update the dictionary contents at runtime, minimizing the update overheads, while maximizing the beneficial use of the dictionary slots. Unlike in the previous work, our approach selects regions of instructions to compress at compile time and changes dictionary contents in a fine-grained manner at runtime with the primary goal of reducing the energy footprint of the processor instruction stream. The proposed instruction compression scheme is evaluated using RISC-V as an example instruction set architecture. The energy savings are compared to an instruction scratch pad and a filter cache as the next level storage. The method reduces instruction stream energy consumption up to 21 % and 5.5 % on average when compared to the RISC-V C extension with a 1% runtime overhead and a negligible hardware overhead. The previous state-of-the-art programmable dictionary compression method provides a slightly better compression ratio, but induces about 30 % runtime overhead.
code compression,energy efficiency,instruction stream,instruction fetch,energy optimization,dictionary compression
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