The Innovative Trend Analysis Applied to Annual and Seasonal Rainfall in the Tafna Watershed (Algeria)

Revista Brasileira De Meteorologia(2020)

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Abstract This study analyzes the temporal variability of seasonal and annual rainfall in the Tafna watershed (Northwest Algeria), using a homogeneous monthly rainfall database from 17 stations of 46 years of observation (1970-2015). Possible trends in seasonal and annual variations in rainfall were detected using the innovative trend analysis (ITA), which identifies trends in the low, medium and high values of a series. The results obtained indicate that seasonal rainfall showed a decreasing trend in winter and spring, while increasing trend is detected in summer and autumn. Low and high values categories are the most affected by the decrease in winter, while for spring it is the medium and high values, which are affected. In addition, spring showed the greatest decrease in arithmetic average and standard deviation. On the other hand, summer and autumn, present a growing trend affecting the low and high values, while in autumn, these are the medium and high values. Summer recorded the maximum increase in arithmetic average and standard deviation, and may present a flooding risk in future. Annually, a decreasing trend dominate. Most stations are marked by a decrease in their annual arithmetic means and standard deviation.
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