Face Recognition on 3D Point Clouds

Proceedings of SPIE(2019)

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Point cloud has achieved great attention in 3D object classification, segmentation and indoor scene semantic parsing. In terms of face recognition, although image-based algorithm become more accurate and faster, open world face recognition still suffers from the influences i.e. illumination, occlusion, pose, etc. 3D face recognition based on point cloud containing both shape and texture information can compensate these shortcomings. However training a network to extract discriminative 3D feature is model complex and time inefficient due to the lack of large training dataset. To address these problems, we propose a novel 3D face recognition network(FPCNet) using modified PointNet++ and a 3D augmentation technique. Face-based loss and multi-label loss are used to train the FPCNet to enhance the learned features more discriminative. Moreover, a 3D face data augmentation method is proposed to synthesize more identity-variance and expression-variance 3D faces from limited data. Our proposed method shows excellent recognition results on CASIA-3D, Bosphorus and FRGC2.0 datasets and generalizes well for other datasets.
Point cloud,face recognition,learning method,data augmentation
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