A New Bi-Level Mathematical Model And Algorithm For Vons Mapping Problem


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Elastic optical networks (EONs) virtualization can allow the virtual optical networks (VONs) to utilize all the physical resources of EONs, and can attain a high performance of the networks. However, the optimal scheme for VONs mapping should be determined. To tackle these challenges, a bi-level mathematical model is established. leader's and follower's objectives are to minimize energy consumption and the maximum index of used frequency slots, respectively. The bi-level mathematical model can determine the optimal schemes of VONs mapping. To solve the mathematical model effectively, a uniform design method is applied to generate initial population for the lower level problem. In addition, To solve the whole model effectively, a tailor-made encoding, population initialization, genetic operators and local search operator are designed. An efficient genetic algorithm with local search operator is proposed for the bi-level mathematical model. To evaluate the mathematical model and the designed algorithm, a large number of experiments are performed on three kinds of the widely used networks, and the experimental results indicate that the effectiveness of the proposed bi-level mathematical model and designed algorithms.
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Bi-level optimization, VONs mapping, spectrum assignment, VONs, local search
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