Optical network routing method based on diffusion of information


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The invention relates to a routing method based on diffusion of information in a wavelength routing optical network. The method is realized on a wavelength routing optical network control plane server and comprises the following steps: during the network initialization stage, each node diffuses signal strength information to the adjacent nodes; after receiving the strength information, the adjacent nodes diffuse the information to the neighboring nodes, and signal strength is attenuated during diffusion process. The signal strength of another node received by one node is the maximal value of the signal strength received by all the ports of the node. When signal strength received by one port of the node is less than the maximal value at a moment, the diffusion in the path stops. After the network is stabilized, the route direction to one node is the gradient direction of signal strength diffusion. When one link is occupied or out of order, the nodes at the two ends of the lick diffuse the 'link unavailable' information to the adjacent nodes. After receiving the information, the adjacent nodes modify the local routing database and selectively and continuously diffuse the information to the neighboring nodes according to demands.
Topology,Signal strength,Out-of-order execution,Network routing,Network control,Initialization,Gradient direction,Diffusion process,Diffusion of information,Computer science
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