A networking solution on uplink channel of co-frequency and co-time system

China Communications(2016)

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Co-frequency and co-time full duplex (CCFD) is an attractive technology for the future wireless communication because of its high spectral efficiency. However, applications of CCFD to mobile network can suffer from strong base station to base station (B2B) interference. In this paper, the authors proposed a design that uses centralized base station (BS) transmit antenna and distributed BS receive antennas, each of which consists of an antennary to perform beamforming that can nullify the B2B interference. In addition, we proposed a combination algorithm that uses the zero forcing method to cascade the recursive least square (RLS) method for reducing the necessary number of the bits taken to the digital processor. This enables the faster convergence and, thus, allows the transmission of more information bits, compared to the conventional method, for mobile communication. The simulation results confirm this approach for practical application.
Interference,Training,Array signal processing,Signal to noise ratio,Antenna arrays,Transmitting antennas,Receiving antennas
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