Convolutional Generation of Textured 3D Meshes

NIPS 2020(2020)

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Recent generative models for 2D images achieve impressive visual results, but clearly lack the ability to perform 3D reasoning. This heavily restricts the degree of control over generated objects as well as the possible applications of such models. In this work, we leverage recent advances in differentiable rendering to design a framework that can generate triangle meshes and associated high-resolution texture maps, using only 2D supervision from single-view natural images. A key contribution of our work is the encoding of the mesh and texture as 2D representations, which are semantically aligned and can be easily modeled by a 2D convolutional GAN. We demonstrate the efficacy of our method on Pascal3D+ Cars and the CUB birds dataset, both in an unconditional setting and in settings where the model is conditioned on class labels, attributes, and text. Finally, we propose an evaluation methodology that assesses the mesh and texture quality separately.
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