Topology Update Algorithm for Wireless Networks

2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems Workshops (MASSW)(2019)

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The demand on faster wireless data rates for mobile devices is a known issue since multimedia traffic demand has been on the rise. This affects Multi-hop D2D communications as well as MANETs architectures, especially for time critical transmissions such as video calls. On the other hand, QoS in combination with MANETs have been extensively studied in the last decades. Hence, It is well known that these networks have difficulties delivering high QoS rates because there is no central instance in place. Even by introducing a controller, it brings up the question how to keep the controller up-to-date. Moreover, there may be inconsistencies between the current state of the topology from the controller's perspective and the actual position of the nodes and their connections since those nodes are constantly moving. We therefore introduce an efficient topology update process triggered by the controller with the objective to report the most accurate topology at runtime. In particular, we believe that our approach is able to reliably update a topology overview of a MANETs architecture while improving QoS rates compared to interval-based approaches.
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