RNC: Reliable Network Property Classifier Based on Graph Embedding

2019 20th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT)(2019)

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In the past two decades, analyzing the information network has been intensively studied from various disciplines. Small world property and scale-free property prevail in network science research. The comparison and classification of different kinds of graphs are extremely important. However, how to design a robust and accurate classification with deep learning techniques for network property still lack enough attention, which is a vital task in various application scenarios. In this paper, we proposed the reliable network property classifier based on graph embedding(RNC) to classify the network property (scale free or small world property). In order to process non-euclidean data, we embedded each network into an image and use dimensional reduction, rasterization, and convolutional neural networks to complete the classification problem. The method can effectively accomplish classification tasks in not only artificial networks but also real networks. Besides, RNC wins greatly in terms of robustness on real networks, showing the robustness of RNC against the incomplete structure of the network.
classification,network property,graph embedding
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