Set-Membership Filtering For Nonlinear Dynamic Systems With Quadratic Inequality Constraints


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The present study investigates the problem of set-membership filtering for nonlinear dynamic systems with general nonconvex inhomogeneous quadratic inequality constraints. The investigators propose an ellipsoidal state bounding estimation in the setting of unknown but bounded noise. In order to guarantee the on-line usage, the nonlinear function is linearized by Taylor expansion at each time step, where the bounding ellipsoid of the remainder is updated on-line based on the current state bounding ellipsoid. Furthermore, based on the remainder bounds and the constraints, both the state prediction and measurement update of the filtering can be transformed into a semidefinite programming problem that can be efficiently solved. In order to further reduce the computational complexity, a part-analytical formula of the shape matrix and the center of the bounding ellipsoid is derived using a decoupled technique, which is also helpful to clarify how these constraints affect the state estimation. Finally, typical numerical examples demonstrate the effectiveness of this filtering.
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Key words
Set-membership filter,quadratic inequality constraints,nonlinear dynamic systems,ellipsoidal estimation
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