Structured Neural Motifs: Scene Graph Parsing via Enhanced Context


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Scene graph is one kind of structured representation of the visual content in an image. It is helpful for complex visual understanding tasks such as image captioning, visual question answering and semantic image retrieval. Since the real-world images always have multiple object instances and complex relationships, the context information is extremely important for scene graph generation. It has been noted that the context dependencies among different nodes in the scene graph are asymmetric, which meas it is highly possible to directly predict relationship labels based on object labels but not vice-versa. Based on this finding, the existing motifs network has successfully exploited the context patterns among object nodes and the dependencies between the object nodes and the relation nodes. However, the spatial information and the context dependencies among relation nodes are neglected. In this work, we propose Structured Motif Network (StrcMN) which predicts object labels and pairwise relationships by mining more complete global context features. The experiments show that our model significantly outperforms previous methods on the VRD and Visual Genome datasets.
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Scene graph,Deep learning,LSTMs
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