TD-Root: A trustworthy decentralized DNS root management architecture based on permissioned blockchain

Future Generation Computer Systems(2020)

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DNS root faces security vulnerabilities and trust risks due to centralized management architecture. Several related schemes have been proposed to alleviate the security vulnerabilities and trust risks. However, there are still some open issues, including tamper-proofing, security, deployability, etc. To address these issues, this paper presents a trustworthy decentralized DNS root management architecture called TD-Root based on permissioned blockchain. TD-Root is a tamper-proofing architecture and can tolerate one-third of malicious root servers behaving arbitrarily. Different from the current centralized distribution method, every root server maintains the consistent same root zone file through consensus algorithm, eliminating the security vulnerabilities and trust risks in current centralized management architecture. Correspondingly, we design a novel consensus algorithm, in which credence value and penalty mechanism are introduced to ensure the strong consistency, scalability, and security of TD-Root. Furthermore, a compatible deployment scheme which optimizes the lookup performance based on the blockchain data structure is proposed, reducing the deployment complexity and difficulty. Finally, TD-Root is implemented in Golang and validated through simulation using Google Cloud.
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Key words
DNS root,Trustworthy,Decentralized,Tamper-proofing,Blockchain
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