Functional inequalities for marked point processes


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In recent years, a number of functional inequalities have been derived for Poisson random measures, with a wide range of applications. In this paper, we prove that such inequalities can be extended to the setting of marked temporal point processes, under mild assumptions on their Papangelou conditional intensity. First, we derive a Poincare inequality. Second, we prove two transportation cost inequalities. The first one refers to functionals of marked point processes with a Papangelou conditional intensity and is new even in the setting of Poisson random measures. The second one refers to the law of marked temporal point processes with a Papangelou conditional intensity, and extends a related inequality which is known to hold on a general Poisson space. Finally, we provide a variational representation of the Laplace transform of functionals of marked point processes with a Papangelou conditional intensity. The proofs make use of an extension of the Clark-Ocone formula to marked temporal point processes. Our results are shown to apply to classes of renewal, nonlinear Hawkes and Cox point processes.
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Clark-Ocone formula,Malliavin calculus,marked point processes,Poincare inequality,transportation cost inequalities,variational representation
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