Design and Development of Underwater Vehicle: ANAHITA

Akash Jain,Manish Kumar, Rithvik Patibandla, Balamurugan R,Naveen Chandra R, Abhinav Arora, Akash K Singh,Varun Pawar, Aditya Rai,Medha Agarwal,Priank Prasad,Vandit Sanadhya, Prateek Yadav,Inshu Namdev,Nilay Shah, Saksham Mittal,Ayush Gupta,Naman Agarwal,Mangal Kothari


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Anahita is an autonomous underwater vehicle which is currently being developed by interdisciplinary team of students at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kanpur with aim to provide a platform for research in AUV to undergraduate students. This is the second vehicle which is being designed by AUV-IITK team to participate in 6th NIOT-SAVe competition organized by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai. The Vehicle has been completely redesigned with the major improvements in modularity and ease of access of all the components, keeping the design very compact and efficient. New advancements in the vehicle include, power distribution system and monitoring system. The sensors include the inertial measurement units (IMU), hydrophone array, a depth sensor, and two RGB cameras. The current vehicle features hot swappable battery pods giving a huge advantage over the previous vehicle, for longer runtime.
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