Construction of backscattering echo caused by cloud in laser fuze


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Laser fuze is a weapon subsystem that uses laser to detect, identify and detonate in due time the target in short distance (generally not more than 10 m), and its working performance can be easily affected by the backscattering echo caused by cloud and other atmospheric particles. In this paper, we took the laser fuze and cloud of low visibility (less than 100 m) as the research subject, and established the laser detection model in cloud based on the Mie theory and Monte Carlo method. Using the laser detection model, we simulated the generation of cloud backscattering echo for the laser with 860 nm, and obtained the number of scattering events, penetration space and transmission time inside cloud of the echo, and analyzed the construction of echo on these aspects and the influence of cloud particle size parameter on the construction of echo. The data and results obtained in this paper can provide important support for the characterization of cloud backscattering laser echo, and the design of methods of laser anti-interference in cloud.
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Laser fuze,Cloud,Backscattering echo,Monte Carlo
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