Algorithm for Reduction of Space Allocation of the Boxes in the Warehouse

2018 14th International Conference on Electronics Computer and Computation (ICECCO)(2018)

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reduction of space allocation of the boxes is a system, which proposes the most optimal rack to store the box, optimal by size and distance between rack and delivery stake. Algorithm is intended to decrease time for searching the empty racks and the racks, which have been already, stored the boxes. It will make delivery and sorting process at receiving much faster and also will optimize consuming free space in racks. For example, this algorithm can be used during delivery, post official will exactly know, in which rack does the package stored and during sorting, it wouldn't be necessary to look for optimized rack to place package; in case if post official will not look for optimized rack, optimized consumption of space will not be actual. In developing of algorithm Mathematics and Statistics Science were used. And there are intentions for developing algorithm, working with Internet of Things technologies in future.
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Computer science,Resource management,Internet of Things,Shape,Sorting,Databases,Mathematics
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