A facile energy-saving route of fabricating thermoelectric Sb 2 Te 3 -Te nanocomposites and nanosized Te.


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A facile energy-saving route is developed for fabricating Sb2Te3-Te nanocomposites and nanosized Te powders. The fabrication route not only avoids using organic chemicals, but also keeps the energy consumption to a minimum. The fabrication procedure involves two steps. Energetic precursors of nanosized powders of Sb and Te are produced at room temperature followed by hot pressing at 400 degrees C under 70 MPa for 1 h. The resulting Sb2Te3-Te nanocomposite exhibits enhanced power factor. The dimensionless figure of merit zT value of the Sb2Te3-Te nanocomposite is 0.29 at 475 K.
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thermoelectric composites,Sb2Te3,energy-saving synthesis,nanoparticles
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