A Trust-Based Service Self-organizing Model for Cloud Market.

SpaCCS Workshops(2017)

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In view of the incomplete cloud market model and related mechanisms, and also the poor performance of cloud against malicious and false service, combined with the theory of self-organization system, multi-agent technology and trust, this paper introduced a trust-enabled three-tier cloud market model. The theory of self-organization system can well describe the dynamic relationship between inter-entity in the cloud service market, because it ensures the autonomy and intelligence of the market entities, and relies on the autonomous cooperation between them to adapt to the continuous changing, uncertain and open cloud environment. The implementation of market behavior by intelligent agents instead of cloud entities, realizes the decentralization and parallelization of service processing. In addition, trust factor is introduced into the model construction process in order to improve the ability of cloud market against malicious behavior. Finally, simulation experiments show that the new model can accelerate the differentiation and balance of cloud service market and improve the success rate of transactions.
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Key words
Cloud market model, Trust mechanism, Multi-agent technology, Self-organization
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