Performance Evaluation of a Battery-Free Videogame Controller.

MSWiM '17: 20th ACM Int'l Conference on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems Miami Florida USA November, 2017(2017)

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This paper presents our experiences in developing and evaluating a low cost videogame controller that exploits RFID backscattering for battery-free operation. Specifically, we develop a system to gather data from a paper-made device, named JoyPaper, while it interacts with a videogame console. JoyPaper is home-made device that can be built by everyone and enables consumers to playing at every moment without caring about power charging: the device is ready to work as soon as the console is on. Our experiments show that JoyPaper's performance is comparable to that of a commercial controller in terms of latency and it is able to transfer up to 1 kbps.
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Key words
RFID, Backscattering, Battery free, Home entertainment
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